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A word from Mark

It has been a truly amazing 12 months at P3. Everyone working and supporting the sector know that it has been a tough year. We’ve seen first-hand how people are finding life difficult and struggling to keep their accommodation, to stay integrated with society, to gain employment and to simply be happy in their lives.

This made us more determined than ever before and our dedicated team of staff has increased to almost 600 people who come to work every day in order to help fulfil our mission. We have been successful in increasing our turnover by 16% to £17.2MILLION, which has enabled us to innovate in our service delivery and connect more communities that ever before.

It makes me proud to represent an organisation that is changing people’s lives and the communities they live in for the better. To me and everyone at P3, people matter. This year we’ve worked with over 8000 DIFFERENT CLIENTS IN TOTAL and know that to them, the world is now a better place to be part of.

I hope that this annual review gives you a glimpse of what we have done in order to change so many lives and might even inspire you to join or support us. If you have any questions you can find me on Twitter: @marksimms3

Regards Mark Simms, CEO


It’s not just bricks and mortar, it’s a place to build a future

Having somewhere warm, safe and dry to live is something that most people take for granted; however, not everyone in society is so lucky. At P3 we want to make sure that losing where you live and ending up on the streets is something that no one should have to face.

We provide advice to people facing the prospect of losing their accommodation and then housing for people who need somewhere to live. Our aim is that everyone in society is able to live independently in their own home.

P3 gave me confidence to get out there and do what I needed to do to rebuild my Life

Quote from P3 client

1,076 people were housed in P3 properties this year

100% of our clients who used the service would recommend us to their friends

*Statistic from Gloucestershire client feedback

Colin's Story

I was a professional bass guitar player and life was great, touring the world and performing in front of thousands of people.

My band was quite successful, reaching the top 40 in the UK, but when the music died down, I found myself sleeping on the streets with no where to go. Society looked at me and treated me a lot differently.

P3 were like a haven for me. When you had lost everything, they were there for you. P3 came to the rescue for me. They look out for you and look after your needs and do the best they can. They really do care.

I now live in my own flat and am living a more independent life. I’ve paid off all my debts and keep on top of my bills. I still know P3 are there for support if and when I need it.


It’s something that should give everyone a sense of belonging and security

We work in local communities to ensure that people have the support they need to successfully live in their own home. We offer support and guidance to people so they can build on their existing strengths and play a positive role in the area in which they live.

We work with people to maximise their benefits, live independently, deal with debts, access community groups, get back into education and training and to connect with other agencies.

Our aim is that everyone has the opportunity to be a full and valued member of the society they live in.

3,016 people were supported by our community teams this year

96% of clients reduced their overall debt

*Statistic from Hillingdon Floating Support Service

I’d forgotten what it was like to have people that care

Quote from Denise, a P3 Client

Jane's Story

Neither myself nor my partner are able to work due to long-term health problems, so we are dependent upon benefits. My oldest son then moved away from home, which meant that we lost a lot of the benefits that we were previously entitled to; this had a huge effect on our life. We got into a lot of financial difficultly and, to be honest, we were in a big mess. I had got to the point where I did not know where to turn.

I came to see P3 and that was when things started to turn for the better. P3 helped me to sort my benefit entitlements and also manage my bills. What was best is that I knew someone was there for me and that there was someone who I could turn to.

If I think back to that part of my life, I felt hopeless and now I don’t, which might not seem like a big thing, but for me it was life changing!


Having someone listen to you and offer support can be life changing

Our advice services act as a universal hub for people needing advice or support. We provide a safe place for people to explore and resolve their difficult issues.

We have experienced and well trained staff who act as personal advisors to each individual client. Our aim for each advice session is to empower people to take control of their own lives and see a positive vision for their future.

6,060 people attended sessions to receive advice and guidance

100% of families felt that their family situation had improved as a result of P3’s family advice services

£101,841 The total amount of increased income that our team in Hillingdon secured for just 25 clients

Last year we had 9 P3 advice Hubs. This year we’ve been able to increase to 28 advice HUBs. Imagine what 2016 will bring...

Daniel's Story

I had family issues which meant I had to leave home. I was on the streets for about a week, where I was literally sleeping in bushes. Sometimes it was OK, but when it rained it was horrendous!

I came to P3 and they went out of their way to get me sorted; they were blinding. They found me a place to stay, helped me with food vouchers, offered counselling, linked me into some training and helped me get a better job.

Now that I know that I have the backing of P3, it’s like I have a support group to fall back on to. I literally feel like a different person.


It's more than just getting a job

76% of people we worked with sustained employment for over 6 months

We believe that having a job is a key element to an individual being an active part of society and therefore socially included. We know that given some support, everyone has the potential to gain and sustain meaningful employment. We are passionate about helping people to achieve and raise their aspirations.

We offer dynamic and innovative services where people can benefit from advice and guidance, CV writing, job searching, motivational training, work placement opportunities, IT training and signposting to other relevant services.

Our aim is that everyone has the chance to gain employment and be a fully active member of society.

Sam's Story

A year ago I was living in my car. It was a bad time and I had no money. I really don’t know how I passed the time. At the time I didn’t think that life was going anywhere. I didn’t believe in myself.

I then came into contact with P3, who have helped me to get a house and then helped me to look at what I want to do with life. I looked at jobs and P3 helped me to believe that I could be successful in work.

I started an apprenticeship with a local print company where I quickly got used to the routine of getting up in the morning and having to be reliable. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I now know I want to pursue a career in the print industry.

My confidence has improved so much and I now think that I can make something of myself!

Young People

Early intervention for a better future

This year we worked with young people 45,808 times

We work all across the country with young people who are some of the most disadvantaged and socially excluded. Our role is to nurture them, understand the issues and challenges that they are facing and steer them to become positive role models to other young people.

We offer young people stability and guidance in life which they may never have had before.

Our aim is to show every young person that we work with that they do have choices, they do have hope and they can lead a fulfilling life.

Each month we have around 2,000 children attend our play centres across London

At our school for young people not in mainstream education, pupils passed in total over 50 GCSE's between them: 70% passed with 5+ GCSEs at grades A* to G

Josh's Story

I left my parents house as things were really difficult there and life wasn’t good. I was falling behind on everything, I ended up leaving college, starting using drugs, drinking a lot and hit rock bottom. I was sofa surfing at friends' houses and things just kept getting worse.

I moved into a P3 property and staff very quickly got me back into college and even helped me to get a job. Most of all they gave me motivation to get out into the world and do something.

I've now finished my first year at college where I received a distinction. I’ve also moved on into my own accommodation, which was something that P3 helped me to prepare for, as I wouldn’t have known what living on your own involved.

I think that without P3 I would have slipped down a very dark path. They have literally saved my life.

News and HighLights

Business of the year

We were delighted to be named Business of the Year at the Cheshire Business Awards for our Community Based Support service that we deliver in Cheshire West.

In the hands of Wes

Wes Foderingham, goalkeeper for Glasgow Rangers FC, agreed to become a patron of our youth football teams. Wes grew up in West London where the teams are based and often attended our youth services himself.

Hello Lincolnshire

We began delivering two new services across Lincolnshire: Countywide Floating Support and Rough Sleeper Outreach services. This means that we are able to change even more lives in a new region.

Uptown Funky

Staff from all around P3 took part in a dance-off challenge. The winning film coming in the form of a Money Supermarket advert spoof. http://bit.ly/1UF4Eip

Pilot Success

Our six month hospital discharge service for homeless people was deemed to be such a success that we gained funding for a further 12 months.

Amber Trust Merger

P3 have now completed a merger with Amber Trust, the Derbyshire based mental health charity, to further build on our already succesful delivery of mental health support.

Going the extra mile

We managed to purchase and equip two new vehicles, which enables us to visit communities and people with whom previously it would have been difficult to engage.

Celebrity Visitor

James Morrison, the world famous singer/song-writer, dropped by to run a group workshop for a lucky bunch of P3 clients.

Fundraising Events

We hosted more fundraising events and raised more of the vital funds we need than ever before. These included our Brain Game, the London Marathon, Portobello Dinner and Midsummer Music.

Looking to the future

Our Vision

Our vision is that every person has the opportunity to be a FULL AND VALUED member of a society where social exclusion and isolation no longer exist. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

What this means over the next year . . .

It means that we have work to do! We know that people out there need our support, so over the next year we will:


Continue to build our team of the most skilled and passionate practitioners, in order to be able to HELP MORE PEOPLE, in more areas, with more issues.


We will KEEP BEING INNOVATIVE and thinking of new solutions to tackle the constantly changing problems in society.


Most of all we’ll continue to work with patience, sensitivity and humour CHANGING LIVES, every day.

To support us by donating, fundraising, volunteering or just sharing your stories, visit www.p3charity.org/join-in

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